Packets from this list are $4.00 each. Zones stated correspond to USDA climate zones.

Salvia apiana – California. White sage. Subshrub makes 2-3′ mounds of broad white, highly aromatic leaves. Flower stems to 6’+ carry white to pinkish white flowers in spring. 50 seeds

Salvia barrelieri – SW.Spain, N.Africa. Strong basal rosettes are somewhat blue green; very ornamental flower stalks to 5′ rise in late spring and carry many large lavender blue flowers for a long period. A striking perennial species. Z8 30 seeds

Salvia broussonetii – Canary Islands. Large light green leaves densely held on a rounded perennial shrub are very attractive set among other garden plants on this white flowered sage. To 30″. Z9 30 seeds

Salvia carduacea – California. Pale lavender blue flowers with an incredibly frilly lower lip are borne in spiny, cobwebby heads. Annual, good in containers. 30 seeds

Salvia clevelandii hybrids – Seed was collected from Salvia clevelandii ‘Winnifred Gilman’ grown in the presence of other California species and they are known to cross freely. Parent has aromatic leaves, bright blue fls.  50 seeds

Salvia desoleana – Sardinia. Wide light green leaves have undulating edges and make a tight clump to 2′. Pale cream and light blue flowers are carried on 18″ stems in spring and summer. Wonderfully pungent leaf aroma. 30 seeds

Salvia namaensis – southern Africa. Twiggy light shrub to 5′ has a distinctive “medicinal” aroma and small pale blue flowers. Botanists call the light green leaves “lyrate pinnatifid” and they are quite attractive. No hard frost. 30 seeds

Salvia spathacea – California. This matting perennial has the sweetest smelling large rough green leaves; pitcher sage produces thick spikes of dark pink flowers in spring and early summer. Z8 30 seeds Not available 2023-24

Salvia spathacea –from yellow flowered plant.  Habit, sweet smell and culture are all the same as for the typical dark pink form. In the past, seedlings from yellow parent produced offspring that were about 30% all yellow, with others variable—lighter pink, pink and yellow, etc. 30 seeds

Salvia splendens – pink fl. – Brazil. Majestic shrubs to 5’+ bloom all summer into fall with spikes of light peachy pink flowers set in peach calyces among lush green leaves. Backlit flowers are translucent and honeybees have been observed entering the flowers and sipping nectar, with extended tongues! Easy in a watered shady spot. Tender to frost. 30 seeds

Salvia subrotunda – Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina. Small vivid orange flowers are in perfect contrast to green stems and leaves on this 4′ bushy tender perennial. Blooms from spring to frost, and is especially attractive to hummingbirds. 30 seeds

Salvia taraxacifolia – Morocco. Gray, sweet-smelling rosettes look like dandelions when they are young; spikes of palest pink flowers appear late spring to fall. Very nice combined with red-violet flowers. Perennial, to 18″. Z9 30 seeds