Packets from this list are $4.50 each, and include “Super Smoke Plus” to aid germination.

The Restionaceae is a family of rush like plants largely from the southern hemisphere. Restios — or the species offered here– are plants that appreciate acid soils of low fertility. January 2007 provided useful cold hardiness information on many species-night temperatures were 20 degrees F. or lower for quite a few days here.

Best germination comes when seeds are treated with “Super Smoke Plus” prior to planting, and when they experience a marked difference (30 degrees F. is ideal) between day and night temperatures after they are sown. Best in soils low in phosphorus.

All restios offered here are from South Africa.

Cannomois grandissmaller seed This giant bamboo like clumper makes thick culms often pink to red in color when they are new. Can reach 10′. The very large seeds of this species have been difficult to germinate even after treatment with ‘instant smoke’, 10 % germination typical. Previously called Cannomois virgata. No damage at 20 degrees F. 50 seeds

Chondropetalum (now Elegia) tectorum -Smaller scale than Chondropetalum elephantinum, tidy clumps reach 3-4′, with a narrower base and very dark green culms. The same chestnut bracts reveal gold undersides as they peel from the stems. Graceful, adaptable. No damage at 20 deg. F. 100+ seeds

Ischyrolepis (now Restio) subverticillata – One of the best species for cut foliage, even small portions of a stem have great symmetry and beauty. Can reach 6′ high and densely clumping, this species will also thrive in part shade. Has bright green culms and darker branchlets, with the form of the branched horsetails (Equisetum), but much stiffer, and of course, not running. Some plants quite damaged at 20 degrees F., others were untouched.

Restio similis – Small clumping species to 18″ makes draping, fine textured clumps. Fine dark green stems, with mostly unbranched culms, are tipped by shining bronze flowers in summer. Can grow in dry gardens. 50 seed

Rhodocoma capensis – Tall, erect columns of branched “horsetail” dark green stems droop at their tips. Small flowers are golden and line the branch tips. This is very graceful in form and creates great contrast with all other plants. Clumps here are 6’+ at present and are a visual treat in the garden. Untouched at 20 degrees F. 100+ seed

Thamnochortus insignis – Forms a hemispherical kinetic sculpture in time with its slender dark green stems moving with the slightest breeze. Stems can be 5′ in length and rise from all points of the dense basal clump. Golden flowers tip these branches. Can reseed in a limited way in the garden. Good container plant. No damage at 20 degrees F. 100+ seed