Updated 25 October 2014

PERISHABLE SEED is no longer available from this list. Interested growers can contact the supplier directly at martansel7[at]gmail.com.

Philesia magellanica - Philesiaceae. Chilean Coicopihue is a shrub with small, stiff, elliptical, glaucous-backed leaves that slowly spreads into a wide clump by underground stems. The spectacular flowers are almost as large as those of its climbing relative, Lapageria rosea, at three inches and range from deep red to a translucent magenta pink. Mature plants are covered with flowers in late summer. Sow seedlings in a layer of milled sphagnum moss over a well draining acid mix and keep covered and away from slugs and snails. Seed sent when fresh before drying. 5 seeds per packet

Fresh seed available

Scadoxus nutans  - Amaryllidaceae, Africa. One of the rarest species of the genus, once thought extinct, but very easy to grow. Small (to 1 ft.) herbaceous plants with thickened rhizomes and clusters of pale green, fleshy leaves. Leaf bases are stippled with red spots. Watch for the fascinating inflorescences emerging from the base with thick spotted stems and a brush of salmon pink flowers that all hang straight down. Briefly goes dormant from time to time, but may be watered year round and can flower several times each year (with or without leaves) developing clusters of bright orange seeds. This plant makes an excellent and tough house plant, flowering well indoors. Grow outdoors with protection. Seeds should not dry out, sow upon receipt by placing on top of a coarse, free draining soil mix. If you must store, surface sterilize and refrigerate moist. Flowers in 2 to 3 years from seed.    Pkts. contain 6 seeds. Not available at present

Lapageria rosea, the beautiful national flower of Chile, comes in a variety of colors from deep red through purest white. Offered are seeds that will yield mixed colors. Lapageria seeds become difficult to germinate if allowed to dry, so these seeds are fresh and will arrive damp and ready to sow. If you must store, keep them damp and refrigerated. Seedling development is slow, so patience is required. Typically no seedlings bloom before 3 years of age and many will take longer. Good snail control is a must. An excellent growing mix is American Soil Products Rhododendron blend cut with in. fir bark and pumice. Hardy to at least 16 deg F, probably colder. 8 seeds per packet
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